As a gesture of thanks for all your support during the past year, we are delighted to offer a 1 for 1 offer for all ads posted between 20 Nov 2002 and 31 Jan 2003. This is in addition to the Promotional Prices listed below. This is how you will benefit:

  • Individual Plan:
    For each paid ad that is posted, the next ad that you submit will be FREE.
    (ie S$ 35.00 for 2 ads)
  • Package Plan:
    Existing subscribers of the Package Plan will have their remaining number of
    posts doubled, eg. if you have 16 postings remaining on 20 Nov 2002, you
    will automatically get 32 postings.
    New subscribers will get 40 postings immediately. (ie S$ 420.00 for 40 ads)
  • Unlimited Plan:
    For each month that is subscribed, the next month will be FREE.
    (ie S$ 630.00 for 2 months)
We invite you to make full use of our 1st Anniversary offer to effectively double your $$$. Remember, this offer ends on 31 Jan 2003, so don't wait! The more you post, the more you gain!
Promotional Prices effective from 1 Oct 2002
     Pricing Plan Normal Price Promotional Price Savings
1    Individual Plan S$ 50.00 per ad S$ 35.00 per ad S$ 15.00
2    Package Plan * S$ 600.00 per 20 ads S$ 420.00 per 20 ads S$ 180.00
3    Unlimited Plan ** S$ 900.00 per month S$ 630.00 per month S$ 270.00
And, to give you even better value for money, all Resume Requests are FREE !!
1. All ads are valid for 30 days regardless of the Plan chosen.
2. To use Resume Requests, you must have at least 1 active job posting.

*  There is no time limit in using up all the 20 postings.
**  You can submit unlimited job postings under this plan.
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