Q1. Why is JobSeek.com offering free job advertisement postings?
JobSeek.com is giving free postings up to 30 September 2002 as a introductory offer to enable Employer members to enjoy and experience our services first hand.

Q2. What do I have to do to enjoy the free offer?
You will have to register as an Employer member and pre-select a Pricing Plan (see Q3 & Q4 below).

Q3. What are the Pricing Plans available?
(NOTE: The Plans will only become active on 1 October 2002)
We offer 3 Pricing Plans to suit differing needs:

1. Individual - S$ 50.00 per posting
2. Package - S$ 600.00 per 20 postings
3. Unlimited - S$ 900.00 per month, unlimited postings

Each job posting will remain valid for a maximum of 30 days regardless of the plan chosen, after which they will be archived. You have to pre-select a plan before submitting job postings, but no charges will be incurred prior to 30 September. All postings submitted during the FREE trial period will be free-of-charge, even if they expire after 30 September. On 1 October, the plan that you have chosen will come into effect, and will apply only to new ads submitted from this date onwards.

Q4. Is there any obligation to continue submitting job ads after 30 September 2002 if we make use of the free postings?
No, there is no obligation to continue to use our services after 30 September. After October 1, if you pre-selected the Individual or Package Plans, you will not incur any charges until you submit new job postings. If you pre-selected the Unlimited Plan, we will invoice you for the full amount on October 1, and every month thereafter, until you choose another plan or terminate your account. There is no necessity to terminate your account after October 1 as membership is free. However, if you wish to do so, please send us an email message.

Q5. What happens if I post my ad on 30 September, the last day of the free posting offer?
The ad will be valid for 30 days from 30 September and, as it was posted within the offer period, will be absolutely free.

Q6. What is the payment schedule for each Plan and how do we pay?
We will send you an invoice according to the Plan that you have selected. The payment schedule is as follows:

1. Individual - Payment at the end of each calendar month based on number of postings made during that month.
2. Package - Full payment upon submitting the first posting under the package.
3. Unlimited - Full payment upon activation of the plan, and on the monthly anniversary of the activation date thereafter.

You may pay by cheque, money order or direct transfer, although cheque is the preferred method.

Q7. Can we change our Pricing Plans?
Yes, you may change your Pricing Plan at any time from our Employer Services page. However, the exact time of the switch is based on your current plan and the new plan you have selected. If you are currently on the Individual Plan, switching to either Package or Unlimited Plans will be immediate. If you are currently on the Package or Unlimited Plans, and switch to any other plan, the change will only take effect upon completion of your current plan.

Q8. Are there any charges for other services that we may use such as Candidate Search and Posting Management?
No, the only charges you have to pay are those mentioned above. However, to use the Candidate Search service, you must have at least one active job posting. We reserve the right to charge for any new services that we may introduce in the future.

Q9. How can we terminate our account if we find that your services do not suit us?
You may terminate your account by sending us an email message. However, as we are committed to serving our clients to the best of our abilities, we encourage you to give us some feedback regarding how we can improve to satisfy your requirements better, before deciding to terminate your account. You are, of course, welcome to re-register in the future if you choose to terminate your account.

Other Questions
If you have other questions that are not addressed here, please do contact us via email or our Contact page.

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